From your winery to the world


If you are a winery contemplating a profitable and successful expansion into new markets, aiming to broaden your international presence and sell your wines in other countries, this service is tailored for you.

We assist you in analyzing and establishing sales strategies in international markets, identifying importers and distributors that best match your profile.

What do we do?

  • We analyze the commercial situation of the country or countries where you want to develop your brand.
  • We work on a strategic proposal per market, including the most suitable sales channels for your business and distribution type.
  • We seek your ideal partner or partners, researching their portfolio and business model in advance.
  • Once we ensure the importer's commitment and suitability with your brand, we present your project.
  • We assist in finalizing the collaboration, development plan, and marketing strategy if agreed upon.
  • We conduct commercial monitoring to ensure success and achievement of agreed-upon objectives.

We take care of:

- Defining the commercial strategy for your project in each country or region.

- Analyzing the most suitable distribution channels.

- Finding the best local partners.

- Building your brand in these markets.

Outsourcing your exports to us offers you multiple benefits:

A qualified team that speaks your language and that of the importers.

Clear and defined processes, tailor-made to achieve your objectives.

An extensive database with contacts in different markets.

Team in Asia, Europe, and South America, allowing us to cover more hours.

Senior professionals who look after your image as well as your sales. 

✓ Support when you need it and in the event of unexpected situations

"When we work with you, we become part of your team. We commit 100% to help you achieve your goals,

doing so with the same dedication as you would."