We help you find opportunities that suit your portfolio and your market

Everything matters in the wine world, starting from where it is born to where it ends.

As an importer, you have a beautiful mission, to bring consumers closer to different cultures through products from other lands. Ours is to facilitate this happening. 

E2G offers you access to more than 30 premium vineyards from the old and new world. Among them, outstanding producing countries such as Spain, Chile and Argentina.

We advise you and facilitate your entry into the markets, introducing you to your perfect matches.


How do we do it?


By analyzing your portfolio, we identify the best-suited opportunities for you.

Informing you about trends and prices from the producing countries.

Streamlining communications and negotiations with the winery.

Advising on marketing strategies and promotional campaigns in your market.

By following up on orders and offering after-sales support.



At E2G, we help you to:


❋ Discover quality, unique, sustainable and innovative wines.

❋ Manage agreements, negotiations and marketing strategies with the winery.

❋ Establish solid and fruitful relationships with producers.

This service is completely free of charge for you as an importer.


Our business model consists of creating relationships and links between related companies in the sector,

ensuring mutual benefit for all parties. Shall we talk?