10 commitments to elevate your wines to the pinnacle of success


At E2G, we love wine, and we want more people to love it every day.

Our purpose is to unleash the unique potential of each winery, taking their creations around the world.

We seek to build bridges that unite cultures, and experiences that bring people together through wine.

We have created this Decalogue, to share with you the values that define our business and to put on record our commitment.



We are a team of people passionate about what we do, which is helping wineries to develop their brand in and outside their market.

We are the link between producers, importers and consumers. And our goal is for your wines to reach other countries, conquer different cultures and achieve the positioning they deserve.







1. Our customers, first and foremost

You are the protagonist of our story. Without you, we don’t exist.

At E2G, we know this very well, and that's why our clients always come first. We respect your time, your work, and your money as if it were our own.

When we work with your winery we become part of your project, your dream, and your team, We are fully committed to helping you achieve your goals, and we do it with the same emphasis, affection, and dedication as you would yourself.


2. Commitment

We believe that short-term solutions only patch things up. At E2G, we are more about long-lasting and stable relationships.

A solid collaboration generates solid benefits.

We commit to your project, and your goal becomes our goal.


3. Transparency

We work with you with absolute transparency.

We advise you honestly from the beginning, analyzing the best options for you, the viability of the project, and the considerations you should take into account before contracting hiring any service.

All our recommendations are based on your benefit and that of your business.

During our collaboration, you will receive regular reports on the work carried out.


4. Efficiency

One of our most important principles is to work with maximum efficiency, achieving successful results while saving time and resources.

Our business model consists of allowing your winery to outsource certain tasks, putting a team of experts at your disposal without the drawbacks of in-house hiring your own.

We want all wineries to be able to export and position their wines in a profitable way.


5. The people

Our most valuable asset is the people. Those who have trusted us and those who are yet to come.

E2G is not just a company with clients, it is a team of people who help others to achieve their goals.


6. Experience

We are backed by more than 20 years working in the sector, knowing its strengths and needs from the inside.

A real and lived experience that we put at your disposal to make your way easier.

At E2G we share knowledge and experiences through our communication channels, aimed at anyone in the sector who wants to be part of our community.

We love the saying “living is sharing” and we apply it every day to our business.


7. Uniqueness

“Quality of being unique” is the definition for this word.

At E2G, we know that every person, project, brand and business is unique. One of our services is to help you communicate this.

As lovers of innovative projects, we believe in differentiation as the main value of a business, and we help you to communicate yours.


8. Sustainability

Everything and everyone (including our beloved wine) depends on the health of our planet. Therefore, this principle becomes almost a moral duty.

We support and work with wines that are committed to people and the environment.

Our 100% digital working model helps us to reach every corner of the world more sustainably.

We have never been so close, being so far away.


9. Adaptability

As we said before, each client is unique.

That's why at E2G we adapt to each one of them, always offering customized solutions based on their different objectives and needs.


10. Unity

When people work and collaborate in harmony, the results are better.

We believe in the importance of building bonds within the sector, to achieve a better future for wine, creating synergies between people with common goals.


We hope you like our Decalogue!


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