The founder

Meet Elena's history

Some people know, from a young age, exactly what they want to "be" when they grow up. 

In my case, it was not so clear-cut, but there was an intuition of my interest in "other worlds." 

It is not surprising that I ended up studying International Trade and living in a country on the other side of the world at the first chance I got.

First, it was London, then Amsterdam, but the place that truly changed my life was China. 

There, the world of wine found and captivated me over 15 years ago. I started working as an importer and distributor of premium Spanish wines. I learned their language, culture, and gastronomy. 

Years later, I switched sides and worked for a renowned group of Chilean producers, representing their wines throughout Asia Pacific. 

A European working in Asia for Latin America. Three worlds in one. 

More than 10 years had passed when one day I felt "the call," a call inviting me to return home to Barcelona, my hometown. 

With a heavy heart but certain, it was time for a new chapter, I left my wonderful job and returned to Spain. 

A few months later, the Covid pandemic began in China and around the world. 

My situation was far from ideal for what was coming. I had just bought a new house and did not have a fixed income. 

However, as they say, adversity breeds opportunity, and so it did.

I decided to start my own business, sharing all the valuable resources, experiences, and knowledge that my years in Asia had afforded me.